Jasmine Hemsley x Needle & Thread Collection


The thirty-piece collection is inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the “knowledge of life”, originating from India. This holistic philosophy, which influences Jasmine’s life and work, understands wellbeing as the delicate balance of mind, body and spirit. Wellbeing is also at the heart of Needle & Thread’s brand values and culture, resulting in a truly authentic partnership.

Drawing design influences from the five universal elements: space, air, fire, water and earth, which form the foundations of Ayurvedic principles; the collection incorporates intricately embellished and embroidered flowers, birds and constellations. Rainbow-coloured iridescent sequins made from upcycled plastic are styled playfully and romantically to capture the flow of the chakras — the energy centres of our bodies.

Jasmine says: “My collection with Needle & Thread is a play on the philosophy of Ayurveda with a nod to the elements, chakras and astrology, interspersed with personal touches such as the embroidered kingfishers, (a bird that my dad and I shared a love of growing up), and the idea of living ‘La Vida Veda’ - fusing the holistic wisdom of the east with western wellness to thrive in our busy modern world. Incorporating my passion for design and sustainability, the Elemental Collection is the perfect marriage of my style and ethos with that of Needle & Thread.”

Hannah Coffin, Needle & Thread’s Founder & CEO says “I’m very excited to partner with Jasmine. I’ve always admired her work from her style, food and her approach to wellbeing. We have worked on this collection together which focuses on recycled raw materials, as part of Needle & Thread’s commitment towards a more responsibly sourced future”.

“With their focus on recycled materials, mindful living, and support for charities, we are proud to have Needle & Thread join our community” Diana Verde Nieto, Co-founder and CEO of Positive Luxury.

Needle & Thread and Jasmine Hemsley are proud to support Women for Women International with the HS20 Elemental collection, by making a donation to help women survivors of war rebuild their lives. The donation is enough to help 200 women learn tailoring as part of the charity’s year-long training programme.

Look 1

Valentine Ruffle Gown


Look 2

Rambling Roses Cotton Ankle Gown


Look 3

Lily Bloom Ankle Gown


Look 4

Valentine Ruffle Gown


Look 5

Tempest Strapless Corset Bodice Gown


Look 6

Camellia Ditsy Ankle Gown


Look 7

Valentine Ruffle Gown


Look 8

Rambling Roses Micro Mini Dress


Look 9

Violet Shimmer Ankle Gown


Look 10

Ribbon Lace Long Sleeve Ankle Gown


Look 11

Rambling Roses Gown


Look 12

Valentine Ruffle Gown


Look 13

Sweetheart Lace Gown


Look 14

Violet Shimmer Strapless Corset Gown


Look 15

Amaryllis Gown


Look 16

Rambling Roses Cotton Micro Mini Dress


Look 17

Annie Sequin Tiered Mini Dress


Look 18

Rose Dream Strapless Corset Ankle Gown


Look 19

Rambling Roses Cotton Smocked Midaxi Dress


Look 20

Sweetheart Lace Gown


Look 21

Ribbon Lace Long Sleeve Micro Mini Dress


Look 22

Camellia Ditsy Mini Dress


Look 23

Rose Dream Strapless Corset Micro Mini Dress


Look 24

Amaryllis Mini Dress


Look 25

Ribbon Lace Strapless Corset Ballerina Dress


Look 26

Valentine Ruffle Micro Mini Dress


Look 27

Sweetheart Lace Mini Dress


Look 28

Camellia Ditsy Strapless Corset Ankle Gown


Look 29

Violet Shimmer Short Cape


Look 30

Camellia Ditsy Short Cape


PF22 The Light Of Love Collection

This collection is inspired by the Danish Skagen painters from the early 1900’s, a collection of impressionist painters who focused on capturing the merging of the sun and sky at dusk. This edit captures the soft powder pinks and porcelain blues, alongside a mix of textures, patterns and prints.

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