PF23 The Harlequin Rose Collection

Inspired by the very first fashion street style images of the Demimonde women at the Longchamp races in Paris - this collection captures the golden era of change, from modest and flounce to playful and easy, when fashion was shifting to a more youthful and relaxed style.
These inspirations are seen throughout this diverse edit, with signature ruffles and ornate artworks, alongside more playful and relaxed pieces.

Look 1

Summer Posy Aaliyah One-Shoulder Gown


Look 2

Lana Round Neck Gown


Look 3

Blossom Bib Ballerina Dress


Look 4

Lana Off-Shoulder Gown


Look 5

Posy Pirouette Off-Shoulder Ankle Gown


Look 6

Summer Posy Chiffon One-Shoulder Ballerina Dress


Look 7

Floral Waltz Ankle Gown


Look 8

Summer Posy Smocked Micro Mini Skirt


Look 9

Posy Pirouette One-Shoulder Ankle Gown


Look 10

Tiled Blooms Chiffon Off-Shoulder Ankle Gown


Look 11

Shimmer Wave Gloss One-Shoulder Micro Mini Dress


Look 12

Confetti Gloss Off-Shoulder Ballerina Dress


Look 13

Shimmer Wave Gloss One-Shoulder Ankle Gown


Look 14

Blossom Bib Ballerina Dress


Look 15

Summer Posy Chiffon One-Shoulder Micro Mini Dress


Look 16

Tiled Blooms Chiffon Smocked Off-Shoulder Top


Look 17

Shimmer Wave Gloss V-Neck Ankle Gown


Look 18

Dancing Daisies Cotton Backless Ankle Gown


Look 19

Lana Off-Shoulder Micro Mini Dress


Look 20

Dancing Daisies Cotton Backless Micro Mini Dress