CR21 Collection

Needle & Thread presents its Jewelled Garden Christmas ‘21 collection, inspired by a British garden at twilight. The collection captures the jewel like tones of the enchanting flora and foliage that dazzles in the light. 
With floral motifs in bold prints and shimmering embellishment throughout, the collection tones are vivid yet soft. With deep emerald and pistachio greens, watermelon pinks and pops of azure blue, the collection consists of a playful colour palette perfect for the festive season ahead.  

Look 1

Camellia Ditsy Ankle Gown


Look 2

Posy Blossom Ankle Gown


Look 3

Bijou Rose Ruffle Ballerina Dress


Look 4

Bijou Rose Ruffle Gown


Look 5

Shimmer Primrose Midaxi Dress


Look 6

Martha Ditsy Ankle Gown


Look 7

Filigree Lace Sequin Ankle Gown


Look 8

Shimmer Primrose Gown


Look 9

Willow Ruffle V-Neck Gown


Look 10

Elizabeth Rose Corset Ankle Gown


Look 11

Floral Evermore Sequin Cami Ankle Gown


Look 12

Peaches Smocked Ankle Gown


Look 13

Midsummer Lace Round Neck Gown


Look 14

Filigree Lace Sequin Mini Dress


Look 15

Shimmer Primrose Bodice Ankle Gown


Look 16

Posy Blossom Corset Ankle Gown


Look 17

Rose Fairytale Chiffon V-Neck Day Ankle Gown


Look 18

Bijou Rose Off Shoulder Ankle Gown


Look 19

Bijou Rose Smocked Day Ankle Gown


Look 20

Elizabeth Rose Corset Ankle Gown


Look 21

Pretty Petals Ankle Gown


Look 22

Shimmer Primrose Mini Dress


Look 23

Bijou Rose Ruffle Mini Dress


Look 24

Filigree Lace Sequin Corset Ankle Gown


Look 25

Martha Ditsy Mini Dress


Look 26

Bijou Rose Off The Shoulder Micro Mini Dress


Look 27

Elizabeth Rose Midaxi Cape


Look 28

Floral Evermore Midaxi Cape


Look 29

Elizabeth Rose Midaxi Cape


SS22 Secrets of Spring Lookbook

Introducing ‘The Secret Garden’ collection’s first edit - ‘Secrets of Spring’.

Featuring intricate embroidery, shimmering sequins and romantic floral prints – this collection is inspired by the enchantment of the secret garden. With focus on a softer spring colour palette - which highlights the early flowers of the season.

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