Aurora Dress in Graphite

Capri, I can’t get enough of the Amalfi Coast this summer, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s so deliciously insta-friendly. If you want to go somewhere you can’t get a bad photo, and somewhere that has amazing food, my favourite place is the ‘Conca del sogno’ beach club off the coast of Nerano.

I was actually a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding earlier this summer and wore a Needle & Thread bridesmaid dress! Photo:

Natalie Salmon

Other than that, Needle & Thread has been a lifesaver for summer parties and events such as the launch of the new Bulgari Hotel restaurant (photo below) and more formal events such as christenings:

Aurora Dress in Graphite

It has to be Gold in Notting Hill, expect delicious sharing plates and dishes cooked in wood ovens, think of it as British tapas. My favourite dish on the menu is the burrata served on charred peaches - heaven.

I get everything tailored at a place called Katherines in Fulham to fit me better, I am obsessed with tinkering with hemlines, and sleeves, if something fits well it always looks amazing.

Garland Smocked Group

There are so many gadgets I love for fashion! My number one at the moment is the mini hand held steamer from a Stockholm based high tech clothing care brand called Steamery. It comes in the chicest colours and takes up no space in my suitcase. Perfect for travelling with when you’ve packed formal or long dresses you can’t stand to see wrinkled.

Arabesque Dress in Ivory

Arabesque Dress



Aurora Gown in Graphite

Aurora Gown



Garland Smocked Midi Dress in Rose Quartz

Garland Smocked Midi Dress