I received my first sewing machine at the age of 11, and instantly fell in love with sewing. Years later, I studied Fashion and Textiles with a ten-year career in Fashion before launching Needle & Thread. I had always wanted to launch my own brand and I identified an opportunity in the emerging contemporary sector. I wanted to launch a brand that brought contemporary, feminine, timeless products to the consumer at an obtainable price tag.

When I launched Needle & Thread in 2013, I really felt there was a gap in the market and I hoped other women would feel the same. Although I had serious ambitions for the brand, I never imagined it would grow like it has over the last few years. Today Needle & Thread is a flourishing, successful business and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved as a team.

Our designs are authentic and original at an attainable price point. We work hard to create beautiful and recognisable designs that fit women well.

Fallen Petals Long Sleeved Bridal Gown
Gracie Long Sleeved Bridal Gown in Ivory
Bridal Bow Veil in Ivory
Bella Long Sleeved Ballerina Dress in Ballet Slipper

The English countryside, vintage markets, colour and flowers. Lots of travel and research in museums. Our signature aesthetic is contemporary, feminine and creative.

Our SS19 bridal collection named Precious Love, is inspired by French artist Degas and his dancer paintings from the mid 1800’s. With Voluminous and unstructured designs, the collection is a perfect balance of traditional and contemporary. The Pearl Rose Gown is a best seller from the collection and a team favourite, with all over embroidered flower details, and delicate silver highlights with the most generous of hem sweep.

The bridal landscape has really changed over the past few years. There has been an increased appetite for contemporary designs, stepping away from the traditional wedding gown. With the increased accessibility of brands and points of purchase, largely through social media, brides are able to curate their weddings wardrobes in a much more personal way.

Fallen Petals Long Sleeved Bridal Gown in Ivory

No, I don’t actually. One of my main passions in business is to dress real women. I don’t believe that one woman can embody a brand image, it’s important to me that we’re inclusive and consider all women when we design. There are however lots of women I admire for their style.

I’m an early riser so my day typically starts before 6am. I spend time reading my emails, business news and scrolling social media or listening to pod casts. It’s my reflective time of the day to process information and make decisions. I like to feel informed and inspired before I start my day! If I’m in the office all day, I arrive at 8.30am and spend the day in non-stop meetings with my team. I really value face time with the team to discuss ideas, strategy and challenges. My meetings can vary hugely from budget planning to product or sales meetings and I love the variety.

AW19 Bridal Collection Lookbook

FALLEN FOR YOU | NEW BRIDAL COLLECTION. Inspired by the delicacy and beauty of fallen petals, the AW19 Fallen For You collection combines elegantly scattered artworks, tiering ruffles and soft ombre colours. Traditional gowns are met with contemporary styles, introducing our new ballerina length skirts and adorned casual wear featuring intricately embellished petal motifs in shimmering glass stones.

Gracie Long Sleeved Bridal Gown in Ivory

Gracie Long Sleeved Bridal Gown



Bella Sequin Sleeveless Ballerina Dress in Ivory

Bella Sequin Sleeveless Ballerina Dress



Fallen Petals Sleeveless Bridal Gown in Ivory

Fallen Petals Sleeveless Bridal Gown



SS19 Bridal Collection Lookbook

PRECIOUS LOVE | NEW BRIDAL COLLECTION. This beautiful bridal collection is inspired by paintings from Degas and his Victorian ballerinas. A collection that combines a soft colour palette of dipped pink and scattered shimmering sequins throughout. Designed with statement bows, ballerina necklines and our signature voluminous tulle skirts.

Pearl Rose Bridal Gown in Tinted Pink

Pearl Rose Bridal Gown



Tiered gloss Bridal Gown in Ivory

Tiered gloss Bridal Gown



Pearl Rose Cami Bridal Gown in Tinted Pink

Pearl Rose Cami Bridal Gown