Think Of Me Arabesque Dress in Powder Pink

I love styling dressier pieces in the warmer months with paired back accessories like basket bags and espadrilles to add a Summery feel!

Everyday with my son who recently turned 1. He grows up every single day and learns and develops so any memory with him is my favourite, but memorably we had a really lovely first family holiday to the Seychelles when he was 7 months old back in March and he swam in the ocean - it was incredible!

My whole family went to St Tropez for just over 2 weeks and it was heavenly - so useful having so many babysitters on hand!

Wear what you feel good and comfortable in - following every trend makes you more of a fashion victim - stick to what suits your personal style and you'll always look stylish!

My favourite is always La Petite Maison - birthdays, anniversaries or just a special date night. It never ever disappoints and has been a firm favourite of mine for around 10 years now. Order the warm prawns with lentil salad to start followed by either the grilled fish of the day or lamb chops (or both if you're feeling yolo!).

Bessie Midaxi Dress in Ballet Black

Bessie Midaxi Dress



Think Of Me Sequin Mini Dress in Powder Pink

Think Of Me Sequin Mini Dress



Garland Smocked Midi Dress in Ivory

Garland Smocked Midi Dress