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NEW Needle & Thread Autumn/Winter 2016 collection

Our stunning NEW Autumn/Winter collection is now available online. Shop now with next day delivery. Discover more about our latest collection launches by signing up to receive our newsletters.

 Floral Ombre Gown, $375.00
 Embroidery Motif Playsuit, $265.00
 Embellished Bib Gown, $450.00
 Embroidery Motif Prom, $285.00
 Burgandy Floral Dress, $300.00
 Enchanted Lace Maxi Dress, $375.00
 Embellished Butterfly Gown, $225.00
 Embroidery Motif Playsuit, $265.00
 Enchanted Lace Dress, $300.00
 Cinder Lace Shorts, £175, Lace Button Shirt, $195.00
 Floral Ombre Dress, $300.00
 Midight Ombre Gown, $450.00
 Cinder Bomber, £230, Cinder Lace Shorts, $175.00
 Embellished Butterfly Shirt, $185.00
 Embroidery Folk Prom, $350.00
 Victorian Ruffle Dress, $145.00
 Embellished Butterfly Playsuit, $285.00
 Embroidery Motif Playsuit, £265, Lace Button Shirt, $195.00
 Embroidery Folk Bomber, $230.00
 Enchanted Lace Top, £150, Tulle Maxi Skirt, $110.00
 Midnight Ombre Mini Dress, $285.00
 Embroidery Motif Prom, $285.00
 Embroidery Motif Top £125, Tulle Maxi Skirt, $110.00